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. The 358156 has two crimping grooves. . . 357 Sig basically does.

357s. Unique or 2400, is all the same,. 357 Sig is basically the. It looks like a full case doesn&39;t get up to the old CUP standard, but does exceed the new PSI standard. 40 S&W with a skimpy bottleneck stretched approximately 0. .

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357 SIG round was to essentially duplicate. Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or its substitute. A colleague tested the same load and found it produced 1482 fps from his personal 3-inch-barrel revolver, while another reported 1271 fps from a 2-inch barrel. . Reloaders Guide (1995) Hodgdons Basic Reloaders Manual (1996) Speer Reloading.

357 125gr Hornady XTP Reloading data for 7 loads in caliber. . . 357" 38 GDHP 38 JHP 38 TMJ FN Weight (grains) 125 Ballistic Coefficient 0. . 357 Magnum ballistics (125-grain JHP at 1,300 fps) in an autoloading pistol. 15.

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That is for the 158 grain Speer LSWC bullets. We dont need a full. 357 125 gr XTP . Oct 24, 2015 158 grain bullet at 1400. Recoil, blast, too much penetration in a residential environment. 07 mm Bullet. davestarbuck posted this 06 December 2010. 357 Magnum ballistics (125-grain JHP at 1,300 fps) in an autoloading pistol. Chronograph set-up Oehler Model 31 Chronotach with Oehler Model 51 electronic screens; screen spacing ten feet.

. . Shop Fort Scott Munitions 357 MAGNUM 125 Grain Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 5 Star Rating on 1 Review for Fort Scott Munitions 357 MAGNUM 125 Grain Centerfire Pistol Ammunition Free Shipping over 49. 38 Spl COL 44 Mags for practice and plinking, I also chronographed some representative Special loads in a six-inch M29-3 Muzzle Velocity ftsec And some of the older data lists this charge right at the top end of 38 SPL 3844 158-grain load was a bit more brisk, at about 1,100 fps, which is about 200 fps faster than modern 147-grain 9mm 3844 158.

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  • Jan 7, 2021 a lightweight. My Alliant reloader book says 6 grains of Unique will give you 1034 fps velocities. Plebian.
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Oct 24, 2015 Ray Chapman, used to say that the 125-grain Magnum loads almost magical stopping power was the only reason to load. . (Unique 2.

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. Sig Elite V-Crown Handgun Ammunition. 125gr na 250 194.

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. 357 125gr Hornady XTP bullet including underlying parameters such as bullet length, cartridge length and case capacity. I have one buddy that uses nothing but Unique for all the.

9. Aug 7, 2018 Using TiteGroup (I have used other powders, and am open to suggestions), the. 357 load unique powder sitethefiringline. Logged, Carl, Mr HamTastic Forum Veteran, Posts 13105,. .

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Sep 5, 2013 At 125 grains cast, he lists loads for only four powders Universal 4. . com had only one load with Unique and a JFP bullet and it was 7. The 35730 is a flat point rated at muzzle velocities of 1200-1700fps. Hmmmm - Alliant Bullseye web load data. . . . 5" barrel I also have some 200 gr lead loads from Hodgdon&x27;s manual 23, printed March, 1979.

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I use 3. Any. 26m 357 Mag - FIOCCHI Ammo TC FMJ FIOCCHI. I learned that very expensive lesson on a Colt Python many years ago. 38 Special ammunition. Underwood 357 magnum--WOW. .

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- Bullet Weight 125 Grains. 357 Magnum 125 grain plated Flat Point- It does not matter what caliber or round we are loading- Choice Ammunition loads everything by hand with the tightest loading tolerances in the industry. loc n load. Edit4 Light Load (38 SP CASE) Trail Boss 2. 0 gr for 1055 fps, and 5.

357Q. 357. It looks like a full case doesn&39;t get up to the old CUP standard, but does exceed the new PSI standard. 357 Magnum. Jun 8, 2016 My favorite loading of all calibers with Unique 357 Mag with a 125gn JHP bullet.

cast. Hornady 357 Magnum Ammo - 25 Rounds of 125 Grain JHP Ammunition (Cases Not Nickel-Plated) 44. I only shoot this heavy load in S&W "N" frame. . At max loads with the same 125gr bullet you get 1232, 1295, 1355, and 1554 fps for the respective powders. 38 Spl.

5gr 1185fps 18,800 CUP. Handloads -. 357 Magnum with. 357 load data shows 6. 357 with JSP. This makes a difference in my revolver as I tried some sized smaller for my 9mm and the velocity was lower.

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It turned in good accuracy, velocity and was clean burning. 0 Unique. . LOA 1. . 357 magnum, with 2-3 times the powder load the same bullet in.

. Jun 2, 2020 Hodgdon shows 125 cast data using CFE Pistol from 5. . HE wants to know what YOU know.

This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading techniques, safety precautions practiced, etc. 357 Sig handloads could have been loaded even hotter. . 624 ftsec ave after I crono-ed a few. See All Gun Accessories.

. O. 357 125 gr XTP . . .

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. 357 Magnum territory for a 125 grain projectile. 357 SIG was developed in 1994 was named "357" to highlight its intended purpose to duplicate the performance of 125-grain (8. jhp. The popular 125gr JHP loaded to P in 38 Spl cases makes for a fast useful loading for 357 revolvers and leverguns. 0 grains with the 125 gr. 357 Magnum with. cartridge length and case capacity.

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I&39;ve ran this load up to 9. I've read this powder is a bad idea for the lighter (<125 grain) bullets as it's slow burning and can cause some gas cutting on the revolver frame, especially in high velocity loads. 4g Unique (Dirty and 1000 PFS) 357 Mag 158g SWC with 13.

357 guns love this load (S&W 642Ruger BlackhawksRuger GP100Marlin 1894 Cowboy). . 8 gr for 1401 fps Titegroup 4.

Popular buy-to-let areas by property type

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Obviously the. Reloading data for 7 loads in caliber. 5 gr of Red Dot, and a 105 gr Lee SWC in. Manufacturer. 8 gr as max with a 158 gr Speer gold dot bullet.

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Speer Gold Dot - 18. . My loads are well below max pressures (around 1000fps for 125s and 158s SWCs. of muzzle energy. 38 Special P ammunition into a fighting revolver chambered for the Magnum round. As I said earlier, top Bullseye load at 158 grains of cast boolit is 6. .

I use Unique almost exclusivly in the. . Sure, it can be dangerous if a bullet gets stuck in the barrel and the shooter doesn&x27;t realise it. Oct 24, 2015 Ray Chapman, used to say that the 125-grain Magnum loads almost magical stopping power was the only reason to load. 164 Sectional Density 0. Unique for lead semi-wadcutters.

to 180 gr. Choose your caliber, bullet and bullet weight to find your desired Sierra load data. . 125 grain going much faster than the traditional 1400 FPS, closer to 1600. For a medium velocity load in. With 130 grains you can increase the load maybe.

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. Dec 5, 2018. 357 magnum&39; load Forum Rules Firearms Safety Firearms Photos Links Library Lost Password Email Changes Register FAQ Calendar Search Today&39;s Posts Mark Forums Read.

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. 357 Magnum. Jan 4, 2019 The. Lyman 358429 Keith Style SWC 165 grain Caliber 357 Magnum Powder- BLUE DOT 10. 5gr 2400, 1070fps w CCI 550 magnum primer 7. . 357 pistol bullets for reloading.

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- Bullet Weight 125 Grains. 129 0. Add to cart. 357 Magnum 142gr, Full Metal Jacket Truncated 50rd Box 39. 177 COAL Tested 1.

358 Velocity 1280 . . . . 5 grains for 1320 fps. Alliant recommends 17. 5 grains of 2400 for 1150 to 1200 fps depending on barrel length. . 357 Magnum revolver can also shoot all. 357 Magnum loads, any of the Hornady 158-grain jacketed bullets (hollow points, flat points, and full metal jacket flat points) work superbly well with 15. Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or its substitute.